Content of the new New Word Spelling Test

It would be inappropriate to put all the items of the test up here. But I can share the main “characteristics” of the test.

  1. There are 15 items in all.
  2. Seven are CVC words, four are CVCC, and two are CCVC. The others are CVCV and CCVCCC.
  3. There are four words with the vowel “e”, three for “a”, “i” and “o”, and two use “u”. This is in order of most common vowels in the English language.
  4. Thirteen different first letters are used.
  5. Four consonant blends are found at the beginning of the words.
  6. Five consonant blends are found at the end of words.
  7. There are ten different last letters.

As far as possible, the words have a sound where there is one “most probable” spelling. However, the results will show what the user thinks, and may lead to alternatives being made viable options.

All derived words have been checked on the internet, highlighting the difficulty of finding “unused” letter combinations. Some have been found to be acronyms, others are non-English words and some are company names. But most will be unknown to the typical reader.

All these new words conform to what I would describe as “not looking out of context in a modern text”.

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